12 Benefits of martial arts for children

There is many reasons why martial arts classes are great for children:

1] Confidence- Martial arts is a great way to build confidence. With every new technique learnt and extra repetition mastered their confidence will grow.

2] Discipline- Martial arts is a great way to install discipline in children, teaching them to behave and show curtesy.

3] Respect- Martial arts teaches the importantacne of respect for yourself and others.

4] Social skills- Martial arts helps children to be comfortable around others and helps them build the skills to communicate in their own way.

5] Friendships- Martial arts is a great way for children to make friends. Training together creates bonds that turn in to life long friendships.

6] Self discipline- Martial arts teaches children the art of self-discipline, encouraging them not to be so demanding with wanting things straight away, instead teaching them to work towards something and to be patient.

7] Gets them active- It gets kids out the house and off the computer, improving their fitness levels which as a result keeps them healthier and happier.

8] Goal setting- Having a competition or grading that the children can aim for helps teach them the importance of setting goals and working towards something. It also teaches them the importance of dealing with the outcome if you don’t reach your goals, a great life lesson.

9] Listening skills- This is so important not only in martial arts but in life, teaching children to listen to people with full concentration so they will understand what is being said.

10] Team work- Martial arts teaches children the importance of working as a team, encouraging them to help each other improve and getting them to ask for help and listen to others advice.

11] Self defence- Martial arts teaches children to protect themselves and others if needed but also teaches them the importance of control and not using it to cause harm to others.

12] Fun- One of the best things about martial arts is that it's fun! It can improve so many aspects of a child’s life all while having fun.

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