Fighting against bullying

Bully’s are everywhere, at school, at work, at your local pub, there is always someone that what’s to put you down and push you around a little, most often than not, they don’t even mean to do it, yet it hurts just the same.

This is where martial arts comes in to help all ages, is it because you can learn how to punch someone properly in the face? you do learn that but I wouldn’t recommend punching everyone who upsets you lol. Martial arts helps because it gives you a sense of calmness inside, it also builds self confidence from within what it return helps limit the effects of words used by others, martial arts also gives you an outlet to let out any anger or frustration you may have built up over a stressful day, in a controlled and safe environment. One of the best ways to limit bullying is to teach people to believe and respect themselves, when the words your saying to yourself are positve and strong no out side voice can effect you, leaving you to smile while picturing yourself punching the bully in the face, but walking off knowing what they say to you does not matter.

If yourself or anyone you know is a victim of bullying and you would like some help, please contact HAB anti bullying charity ,you can find us on Facebook or you can call or message 07432476339, every thing is kept confidential. We are here to Help and support you.

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