Self confidence in children how martial arts helps.

Children are born confident and are strong minded with a never give up attitude, they are always trying something new, sometimes to us adults despair.

They learn to walk after many failures, after falling on their bum many times they finally take their first steps and before you know it they are running around and your playing catch up.

They learn to talk after lots of mistakes and made up words, they are coming out with sentences that make a lot of sense.

Up to about the age of 5 children are still confident and have no doubts in their ability's. Then they go to school and are then surrounded with different children with different opinions, with this comes bullying, name calling, teasing and physical abuse which can have serious effect on a child’s confidence that can stay with them through out their life.

They are now in a system where everyone is taught the same and in the same way. Where they are taught, it’s not normal to stand out or be different. They are taught that you must get good grades in the likes of math, English, science etc, if you have any chance in life, what can cause serious stress and have a serious effect on their confidence.

This is where i believe martial arts comes in, martial arts teaches you its about your effort and wiliness to give it your best that matters and that its ok to stand out and be different. No two martial artists are the same, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, the only thing that matters is being true to yourself and giving it your best effort. Martial arts builds peoples confidence and self esteem at all ages but i believe it is most important for children. If we can teach children early on that its about what think of yourself that matters not what others think of you, then no bully or outside force can effect their confidence within themselves, resulting in them being happier and healthier.

There is 100s more reasons for children to do martial arts (i will give my opinion on these in future posts) i think building and improving children's confidence is one of the main reasons every child should give martial arts a try.

look for a martial arts club near you that do free trial classes and give a few ago find what is the best fit for your child and let them experience the beauty that is martial arts.

The smile and improved confidence is what matters most, but a medal every now and again dont hurt :)

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